Alian Goday is an Economics Teacher and Sex Blogger from Evanston, Illinois, believes women are more happy to spend money on real life dicks over dildos if only the men know how to treat a woman right.

Alian believes in the study that claims women with big breasts give birth to boys with big balls. If her breasts ae saggy, she is going to give birth to boy with saggy balls and if her breasts are tight, she will give birth to a boy with tight balls. Men with big balls are going to give birth to girls that will grow up to become Stacys. When a man with extraordinary huge tight balls and a woman with extraordinarily high tight breasts procreate, they give birth to a hermaphrodite and whe a man with extraordinarily huge saggy balls and a woman with huge saggy tits procreate together, they give birth to a person that will grow up to become one of the LGBTQ.

Inspired by hygrometer, Alian has decided to invent dick-grow-meter for the teenage boys. A meter that when once invented, will help them understand how long their dick will be as soon as they turn into adults.

Alian says for a man or a woman’s sexual libido, Taoist Sexual Meditations and Tantric Hindu Meditations work better than any aphrodisiac food in the long run.

Alian claims to have been working hard to convey to the Catholics and Sunni Muslims that their laws and beliefs about sodomy are bad and too strict. She writes that she doesn’t deny the fact that it hurts too bad while taking a dick in the butthole for the first couple of times but she says that it feels 20x as much fun compared to the vaginal sex to the woman once she gets used to it. She writes “Once you take it in your back, you never go back.”

Alian can be seen performing on Porn Webcams Live Jasmine on Vibragame every weekends. She does nothing but anal sex with her husband. Sometimes she would even avoid blowjobs for him to be able to last longer in her booty hole.

Alian writes that women with low estrogen levels enjoy anal sex more than their high estrogen counterparts.

Alian has a 51 year old Divorcee Jewish friend who wakes up her son every night for sex.

Zodiac Babes make the best Cam Models and it has been proven by Science

I have always believed that Libras are more fun to fuck on an average than women with any other Zodiac sign. Not only are they better to fuck, but they make amazing free sex cams models as well.

After making several trips to Tokyo, I have concluded that Japanese hookers are the most underrated ones. People exaggerate about the hookers from Amsterdam or Thailand, that stand no chance compared to their Japanese counterparts. I am not a conspiracy theorist but I believe it is a conspiracy to slash the Japanese tourism.

I never shared this with you ever before but today I tell you that once when enraged at me, my dad told me that he should have rather worn a condom that night and this statement of his still gives me nightmares and makes me cry like a girl.

I strongly believe that metaphysics can only reach up to a certain extent till they don’t understand the sexual behaviour of all the genders and the root of the sexual desires among all the genders deeply. That’s just my 2 cents.

I recently came across the studies that mentioned eating pussy or swallowing semen doesn’t cause gonorrhoea and it has been well proven by science time and again. What a pity it is that the afraid politicians and mainstream media won’t tell this truth out of their fear of the religious institutions and it has been destroying the sex lives of the millions.

All that Hernan wants is the world and every Asian coochie in it

Hernan Quintela believes romance is overrated and sexual creativity is underrated when it comes to both the sexes

Hernan is married for 3 years now and he writes on his sex blog that not a single sexual session has gone in the past 3 years when he and his wife didn’t spit in each other’s mouth while making out.

Hernan writes that his wife loves to strip out of so many clothes that it literally takes her 6-7 minutes to take it all off when she does take those off in a traditional way, not taking any short or long cut.

Hernan is not ashamed to admit that he does a Lot of unusual and weird things in the bed which his wife finds annoying but also loves him for that.

Hernan writes it is a pity that 10 porn studios get 60% of the total porn traffic from across the globe.

Hernan jokes that all he wants is the world and every Asian coochie in it.

Hernan recently mentioned about his 62 year old friend who has been taking testosterone lately and never performed so well in the bedroom before.

Hernan writes that with the job recession in the coming future, there will never be a lack of beautiful female escorts anywhere in the world.

Hernan believes that lack of sexuality deteriorates more relationship than any other cause, globally.

Hernan recently wrote a story about one of his good friends for whom being a lame fuck in an orgy full of men and women caused a serious psychological trauma to his head. Three of the members of the orgy were his own cousins.

The So-Called Celibates can’t stop enjoying Blowjobs by Curvy Hispanics and Ebonies in their dreams

Ciobanu Gica from Tampa, Florida, is a sex-blogger who used to be a hardcore Christian at one point. He now writes that he realizes well how miserable he was living a celibate life and is never going back to the ‘Catholic Concept’ of modesty or purity again. He has been enjoying receiving those blowjobs from the tens and he hasn’t been any happier before.

Ciobanu keeps his pubic hair long. He believes pubic hair gives a man his strength. They provide a cushion against friction that can cause skin abrasion and injury. He also says that the pubic hair protects you from bacteria and other unwanted pathogens.

Ciobanu writes that he is happy that women are insecure and they want to feel small and protected next to a man. He says if it weren’t for this nature of women, receiving blowjobs from their heavenly mouths would have been next to impossible.

Ciobanu purchased his first newspaper to read and prank the escort ads. He says cannot recall reading a single piece of news ever on a newspaper.

Ciobanu claims that he only dated Hispanic or Black women all his life because the only thing that he was interested in a woman for was her booty size and nothing compares to the 2 mentioned races when it comes to the same.

Ciobanu never watches POV porn movies because the only thing that he watches porn for, is just to see the woman kissing the man on the lips passionately with a dick inside her pussy or ass and it’s impossible to enjoy that sight in a POV porn movie.

Maltese Farm House Owner from Mgarr and her Mom-In-Law donated 5000 US Dollars to HQPorner

Albine Alto is a Maltese woman who grows and sells fruits and vegetables at her own farm house in Mgarr, Malta and that’s how she makes a full-time living. Albine’s passion has more to do with Adam and Eve’s apple though, it is sinful, it has to do with being naked and it is something that apparently god doesn’t like – sex blogging.

Albine is perhaps the most popular sex blogger based out of Mgarr village of Malta and she prides herself on that.

Albine is also a fan of the porn movies and recently she donated 5000 US Dollars to the tube porn website – hqporner.

Albine says that she has nothing but praise for the way the number of elegant young and mature American pornstars has been on rise since the dawn of 2016 and those of the skanks has been going low.

On one of the posts made on her blog, Albine mentioned that massaging the area 4 inches above the root of a man’s penis cures/prevents erectile dysfunction.

Albine lives with her husband and her husband’s mother. She writes that her mother-in-law is her best friend and she loves her mother-in-law for the fact that she is very happy about the fact that her son and her daughter-in-law have a very active and happy sex life. She also wrote that her mother-in-law keeps gifting the couple lingerie, edible lubes, imported condoms and other sexual products time-to-time. The couple is blessed to have such an open-minded old lady at home.

Albine recently met a MILF fanatic goth cam girl who had her whole body painted as satan.

Bisexual men are more obsessed with the tattooed women than their straight counterparts ever will be – Anthony Coyne from Maryland

Anthony Coyne from Frostburg, Maryland, is a General Practitioner, Dietitian, Nutritionist, Health and Sex Blogger.

Anthony claims on his blog that the German Pro-Wrestler – Alex Wright and the infamous Rocky Boxer – Ivan Drago aka Dolph Lundgren are brothers and one of them is illegitimate.

Anthony loves to dress up as Don Johnson aka Sonny Crockett of the Miami Vice especially whenever he is in the state of Florida.

Anthony believes that the condom industry is outdated and needs a huge revolution.

Anthony claims that many ancient religions of the world knew that if a woman becomes educated, she loses all her interest in sex and that’s the reason why they prohibited the education of the women. He says that they did it not so because they were Anti-Sex but rather because they were Pro-Sex and they knew that if a woman becomes educated, she will lose all her interest in sex and hence it would create a sparesely populated unhappy world.

Anthony gives references to the sources that have proven time and again that studying, reading or writing subjects unrelated to sex reduce the libido in both the genders. He believes that the greater education is the cause for women not being much interested in sex in the developed first-world western countries. He adds that the women were never so asexual before.

Anthony claims that the inventor of LPG – Walter O. Snelling, was a hidden bisexual who was obsessed with tattooed women and the dicks and the idea of creating a LPG cylinder came to him while he was sucking the dick of another man.

I would love to make a threesome movie starring Shay Fox and her rumored sister – Diamond Foxxx where they both will fuck me wearing nothing but diamonds

I am yet to meet a blonde who loves to smell her own farts but I have met several gingers and brunettes like that.

I lived in the Republic of China for a long while, the Chinese are far more promiscuous than than their European or American counterparts. Everyone was sleeping with random people there that they met at their office or sometimes on the street.

I have a unique idea to create a new porn genre ‘MILF Wearing Diamonds’, where the MILF pornstars will fuck wearing their diamond jewelry. I wouid love to initiate this genre with the MILF pornstar Diamond Foxxx and Shay Fox. I actually want to make it a threesome video. I heard somewhere that Diamond Foxxx and Shay Fox are sisters, I am not sure yet, because such information cannot be confirmed until I ask one of the personal sisters about it or see someone in a movie or an interview ask them the same. For example, once Boobpedia claimed that Pocahontas Jones and Jessica Robbins are sisters, but then Pocahontas Jones refuted the claim in a Youtube interview and called it ridiculous and absurd. I didn’t start to believe that Andi James and Britt James are mother and daughter until and unless I asked the question to Andi James in a live sex cam chat personally this question.

The best thing that has happened to me this year till date was the opportunity to fuck my favorite Mindi Mink. She really escorts occasionally and she that she doesn’t on her Twitter and other social media. She loves to be on the top. She hates missionary and she acts like a person with a bipolar disorder. I really miss her and have been waiting for my next sex session with her.