The World Can Only Become Peaceful If We Elect An Incest Pornstar As Our President

Scott Birrueta from Toronto, Canada, is a Dating Blogger and Furniture Retailer, who believes that the ancient civilizations and even the current ones that believe women should be fully and loosely clothed are extremely smart as they discovered long ago the fact that clothing protects women’s oestrogen and testosterone levels from splashing in the air and wearing tight clothes increases masculine traits in a woman.

Scott believes the Indian Apsaras were none other than the Sugar Babies.

After studying the Italian History thoroughly, Scott has come to the conclusion that the Ostrogoths used to have their own version of Sugar Babies Websites, which they used to refer to as “Salata Bellezzes”.

Scott believes 5G will turn men asexual and women hypersexual. He claims that the radioactive frequency coming from the 5G towers increases the activity of oestradiol receptors in both men and women regardless of their sexual orientation. He further writes that 5G is only good for watching brother rape sister porn.

Scott claims to have been working on to invent an app that would be able to detect if the sugar baby you are about to hire is a manipulative bully.

Scott claims to know an extremely wealthy but extremely ugly woman who has been practicing different sorts of occult practices belonging to different regions and cultures in order to become beautiful so that she can once become her nation’s highest paid and most popular sugar baby. She has been a sugar momma in the past but didn’t like experience as it hurt her ego.

Scott writes several young female medical doctors with a failed or average medical career have been working as past/full-time as sugar babies all over the Western World, especially in Canada; some such sugar babies open up about their medical career to their daddies, some do not. He thinks they are the perfect sort of sugar babies for the men suffering with sexual issues as they can ask them for an advice to keep their sex life running without any hesitation and open up to them about everything, which unfortunately, most men don’t do to their doctors.

Scott predicts that the First Female President of the US would be a Democrat with a Sugar Baby Past.

Scott claims the Indian-American Tantric Sex Guru – Psalm Isadora committed suicide due to facing financial difficulties after she stopped her sugar baby career to pursue a Full-Time YouTube Tantric Sex Guru Career.

Scott claims to know several young women from the Latin America who travelled to the wealthy Arabian countries, and even not so wealthy ones like Oman and Lebanon to pursue a sugar baby career. He writes they have all been coming because they have discovered that the money there is nowhere as good as those social media trolls make it to be.

Scott claims to have been working on innovating a cream that would be able to change a person’s skin colour permanently till they decide to change it back. He writes the cream will come in 3 different colours – black, white and brown.

Scott regularly interacts with the Chinese entrepreneurs who have invested in Canada or are willing to. He is amazed to see how many of these Chinese entrepreneurs regularly hire Indian-Canadian Sugar Babies while they are in Canada. He believes we can use this example to end the Indo-China War.

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