Alian Goday is an Economics Teacher and Sex Blogger from Evanston, Illinois, believes women are more happy to spend money on real life dicks over dildos if only the men know how to treat a woman right.

Alian believes in the study that claims women with big breasts give birth to boys with big balls. If her breasts ae saggy, she is going to give birth to boy with saggy balls and if her breasts are tight, she will give birth to a boy with tight balls. Men with big balls are going to give birth to girls that will grow up to become Stacys. When a man with extraordinary huge tight balls and a woman with extraordinarily high tight breasts procreate, they give birth to a hermaphrodite and whe a man with extraordinarily huge saggy balls and a woman with huge saggy tits procreate together, they give birth to a person that will grow up to become one of the LGBTQ.

Inspired by hygrometer, Alian has decided to invent dick-grow-meter for the teenage boys. A meter that when once invented, will help them understand how long their dick will be as soon as they turn into adults.

Alian says for a man or a woman’s sexual libido, Taoist Sexual Meditations and Tantric Hindu Meditations work better than any aphrodisiac food in the long run.

Alian claims to have been working hard to convey to the Catholics and Sunni Muslims that their laws and beliefs about sodomy are bad and too strict. She writes that she doesn’t deny the fact that it hurts too bad while taking a dick in the butthole for the first couple of times but she says that it feels 20x as much fun compared to the vaginal sex to the woman once she gets used to it. She writes “Once you take it in your back, you never go back.”

Alian can be seen performing on Porn Webcams Live Jasmine on Vibragame every weekends. She does nothing but anal sex with her husband. Sometimes she would even avoid blowjobs for him to be able to last longer in her booty hole.

Alian writes that women with low estrogen levels enjoy anal sex more than their high estrogen counterparts.

Alian has a 51 year old Divorcee Jewish friend who wakes up her son every night for sex.

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