All that Hernan wants is the world and every Asian coochie in it

Hernan Quintela believes romance is overrated and sexual creativity is underrated when it comes to both the sexes

Hernan is married for 3 years now and he writes on his sex blog that not a single sexual session has gone in the past 3 years when he and his wife didn’t spit in each other’s mouth while making out.

Hernan writes that his wife loves to strip out of so many clothes that it literally takes her 6-7 minutes to take it all off when she does take those off in a traditional way, not taking any short or long cut.

Hernan is not ashamed to admit that he does a Lot of unusual and weird things in the bed which his wife finds annoying but also loves him for that.

Hernan writes it is a pity that 10 porn studios get 60% of the total porn traffic from across the globe.

Hernan jokes that all he wants is the world and every Asian coochie in it.

Hernan recently mentioned about his 62 year old friend who has been taking testosterone lately and never performed so well in the bedroom before.

Hernan writes that with the job recession in the coming future, there will never be a lack of beautiful female escorts anywhere in the world.

Hernan believes that lack of sexuality deteriorates more relationship than any other cause, globally.

Hernan recently wrote a story about one of his good friends for whom being a lame fuck in an orgy full of men and women caused a serious psychological trauma to his head. Three of the members of the orgy were his own cousins.

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