Bisexual men are more obsessed with the tattooed women than their straight counterparts ever will be – Anthony Coyne from Maryland

Anthony Coyne from Frostburg, Maryland, is a General Practitioner, Dietitian, Nutritionist, Health and Sex Blogger.

Anthony claims on his blog that the German Pro-Wrestler – Alex Wright and the infamous Rocky Boxer – Ivan Drago aka Dolph Lundgren are brothers and one of them is illegitimate.

Anthony loves to dress up as Don Johnson aka Sonny Crockett of the Miami Vice especially whenever he is in the state of Florida.

Anthony believes that the condom industry is outdated and needs a huge revolution.

Anthony claims that many ancient religions of the world knew that if a woman becomes educated, she loses all her interest in sex and that’s the reason why they prohibited the education of the women. He says that they did it not so because they were Anti-Sex but rather because they were Pro-Sex and they knew that if a woman becomes educated, she will lose all her interest in sex and hence it would create a sparesely populated unhappy world.

Anthony gives references to the sources that have proven time and again that studying, reading or writing subjects unrelated to sex reduce the libido in both the genders. He believes that the greater education is the cause for women not being much interested in sex in the developed first-world western countries. He adds that the women were never so asexual before.

Anthony claims that the inventor of LPG – Walter O. Snelling, was a hidden bisexual who was obsessed with tattooed women and the dicks and the idea of creating a LPG cylinder came to him while he was sucking the dick of another man.

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